107023 Russia, Moscow
B.Semenovskaya st.43
Tel.: +7 (495)  737 6393,  +7 (495)  775 7744, +7 (495)  366 9629
Fax:  +7( 495) 366 9883

“AKADIA” is one of the largest wholesale-retail trading companies in the Russian market of spare parts. The head office is located in Moscow.

The company was founded in 1995. Begging from that time the company has been developed from a small shop into a large-scale company with rich experience.

Our experience is that stable and reliable name of the company with a hard word in all its deals.

The company “Akadia” has strong position in engine, suspension and electrical parts for European, Japanese and Korean passenger cars. It can also offer a good range for trucks of leading European manufactures.

Now “Akadia” is famous for its rich range and good service.

It has customers all over Russia and in CIS. They are:

  • wholesale firms
  • retail shops
  • auto services
  • corporate customers and companies

We could offer more than 100 000 positions in our stock for our customers to fulfill their needs in time.

The main aims of the company are to offer stable range, good quality, competitive prices for our customers and to improve business with our business partners.

We have reached many achievements for long our way of success and one of our main achievements is that we have succeeded to make popular our own brand “ATS”.

We have registered this brand all over the world. “ATS” has become famous for its quality and competitive prices.

We are going to reach the other high levels and keep leading position.

For today we have our suppliers all over the world. We keep strong business and friendly relations with our suppliers which are based upon our reliable word and on our constancy.

We are always ready to support our partners and suppliers to improve our mutual deal. We appreciate all your initiatives and understanding in business.

You could try to cooperate with us and would start perspective business.
Good Luck in all your starts!

You can send all offers about cooperation to:


Contact person is: Miss Anna

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